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Jenny Lamski

Jenny Lamski
Business Club Founder

"Please come along and discover the Grim's Dyke Business Club's Networking Difference!"

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ALQ Mortgages -

Bee Express -

Berenblut IT Training -

Chittak Ltd -

Flecher Day Solicitors -

Fly Design -

Gaynor Morrell 'Fitness Trainer, Pilates Teacher' - 07795 264 353

Ice Star Media -

Jeux D'images -

JRL Coaching & Consulting -

Med-IT Recruitment -

Metro Bank -

A. Nissim

Nyman Libson Paul -

SCA Group -

Shenkers -

The APA Consultancy -

The Business Services Partnership -

Radcliffe & Newlands -

Rencire Solutions -


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"The Grim's Dyke Business Club is one of my favourite networking events - I think it's because Jenny Lamski imbues a culture of support through her personality and learning bites which creates a friendly and helpful atmosphere. Along with that, the ambience of the Grim's Dyke Hotel is fabulous with it's beautiful architecture and gardens."
Cindy Scott, Fly Design Ltd