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Jenny Lamski

Jenny Lamski
Business Club Founder

"Please come along and discover the Grim's Dyke Business Club's Networking Difference!"

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Grim's Dyke Business Club Past Events

5th January 2015 - Get 2015 off to a flying start

Carole Bozkurt

Getting "Social" for the New Year!

Carole Bozkurt

Carole Bozkurt, founder of The BluePrint Practice, will be this month’s presenter showing you how to grow your business using Social Media, focusing on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Carole is a Visibility Strategist and works with small business owners and entrepreneurs to help them stand out in a crowded market and get noticed by their ideal client through marketing and social media. Once the right connections have been made, she helps her clients to turn those contacts into paying clients. Carole has 20+ years in sales and marketing. In her last corporate role she headed up marketing for Europe for the financial management arm of Towers Watson.

Would you like to understand the benefits of using social media correctly in your business?

How do you feel about what you currently do?

Is it getting you tangible results?

If you are interested in growing your business, increasing your client base and claiming your expert status through social media then please register and book below.

If you would like to contact Carole her details are:

  • Email: Carole Bozkurt (
  • Website:
  • Phone: 07539 226 052

8th December 2014 - Xmas Party

10th November 2014 - Business growth with 1-2-1's

Laurie Bernard

Laurie Bernard

Laurie Bernard, founder of The Business Services Partnership, will be hosting (as he often does), this month's Grim's Dyke Business Club. He is a business growth specialist. Laurie says one of the most gratifying experiences is helping others succeed. Over the years he has helped 1000s of business produce their business plans, strategies and implementation programmes. Seeing clients grow and mature and providing continuing support is rewarding like being a nurturing parent.

This evening each attendee will get the opportunity to have 3 x 10 minutes 1-2-1's with three other GDBC attendees, to get to know a little about each other, about their businesses and how they help others. We will all pick up some useful hints and tips. Laurie at the end of this exercise will facilitate the sharing of some of the valuable information that has come out of these mini 1-2-1's.

  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Twitter:
  • Phone: 01923 894 484

13th October 2014 - How to network effectively

Jenny Lamski

How to network effectively and grow together with the Grims’Dyke Business Club

Jenny Lamski

Presentation PDF Download

Jenny is an expert in how to network effectively, and develop strong 2 way business relationships for all to prosper. Some of Jenny's business relationships developed through networking have been in existence for over 30 years.

During this presentation, you will learn about the business benefits, why bother to invest your time and effort, what new actions to carry out, and how to network smartly at the Grims' Dyke Business Club by developing some strong strategic alliance partnerships, where these new colleagues can become your peers and sales force.

If you are open minded, ambitious, an expert in your field, and want to grow your business through developing some strong new business relationships, attaining new business and new friends, please come along to an evening in which you will leave with some practical and valuable tools and tips, that can be implemented immediately.

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  • Phone: 01202 297 571

7th July 2014 - Elevator pitch tips

Susan Heaton Wright

Top Tips for delivering a great Elevator pitch

Susan Heaton Wright

It is recommended we all have a great elevator pitch. The challenge is how to deliver the pitch effectively, so it engages the other person; makes them listen and want to continue a conversation about your business. Susan will share her top tips to delivering a sensational elevator pitch.

Susan is a vocal and communications coach; supporting individuals and teams to make a personal impact with their voices and physical presence in business situations. She has appeared on BBC radio and BBC2’s Working Lunch and works with clients in Multi-National companies; the public sector, SMEs and entrepreneurs.

  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Twitter: @executivevoice
  • Phone: 0800 0938 464

16th June 2014 - How to use video to help your business stand out from your competition!

Neil Ben

Topics Neil will cover are:

Neil Ben

- Why bother using video at all, after all, isn't it costly both in time and money?

- What options are there available if you have a time limit and limited budget?

Neil will also be a giving a live demo, how to shoot, edit and upload a video blog within the presentation, just to show how easy it is.

Neil is a BBC trained, BAFTA nominated producer / director, with nearly 25 years working in television and video production.

Over the many years Neil has worked in production, he has used his knowledge and experience to help others learn:

Neil now works as a Video Coach, helping businesses use video to stand out from their competitors. He teaches business owners how to make their own videos shot on their smart phone or tablet, supports with editing and graphics, advises on video marketing, and if required, will produce the whole video for you.

  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Twitter: @trainingnpromo
  • LinkedIn:
  • YouTube:

12th May 2014 - Which Cloud?

Darrin Salt

Which Cloud is best for file storage?

Darrin Salt

We have all heard about 'The Cloud' but these services, delivered via the internet, cover a vast array of areas and subjects. In the May learning bite, Darrin Salt from SCA Group will be looking at and discuss one specific area, file storage.

With a plethora of storage systems to choose from, most of which have 'box' in the title, we'll examine several to not only see which ones are best for you but also which ones might be best for your customers. Whether you are a business that needs to deliver specific files such as photos or one that has regulatory concerns, Darrin will cover all the bases and leave you with fewer questions and maybe even a change in direction.

7th April 2014 - Marketing Basic's

Joanna Sadie

Marketing Basic's

Phil McKenzie

NLP until now have been a very traditional partnership, cutting a niche for themselves as advisors to the entertainment industry as well as many SMEs in other industries. Today, there is a realisation that to achieve it's full potential and fee target in 3years time a step change needs to take place which has resulted in investment in marketing and the marketing function. Previous to this any activity has been ad hoc and initiated by different partners.

Phil has joined this firm with a blank piece of paper, as far as marketing is concerned. As a marketeer, Phil has found this both incredibly daunting and exciting, which mirrors the situation many businesses find themselves in when thinking about marketing themselves for the first time.

At this presentation, Phil is going to share his experiences and successes of the last 3 months. He will be showing us how NLP are on the cusp of achieving something amazing as a firm, through carrying out some marketing basics. I am sure that everyone attending will be able to take away some useful nuggets and put them into practice straight away.

10th March 2014 - 60 Seconds & Counting!

Joanna Sadie

60 Seconds & Counting!

Joanna Sadie

Joanna has over 20 years of sales, sales training, sales consultancy and recruitment experience. She has extensive commercial experience gained from over 12 years in the competitive world of media and newspaper advertising sales, where she held a number of senior sales and account management positions.

In 2000 she established Leapfrog. Through Leapfrog, she has consulted, trained and coached a wide variety of SME businesses across a range of industries, including marketing, media and professional services, to help improve the performance of their sales teams working with them to increase turnover, penetrate new markets and develop relationships with existing clients.

Joanna has a successful track record as a trainer and is passionate about helping people move from average to exceptional performance. She brings an enthusiastic, engaging and consultative approach to training and a desire to help people unlock their true potential.

10th February 2014 - Using LinkedIn for Lead Generation

Amanda Brown

Using LinkedIn for Lead Generation

Amanda Brown

We are delighted that Amanda Brown, MD from Alterra Consulting will be presenting at the Feb 10th Grims’Dyke Business Club on: “Using LinkedIn for Lead Generation”.

Alterra Consulting manages the online presence, including social media platforms for clients mainly in the professional services sector. Her presentation will include: how to optimise your personal profile, set up and manage a company page, build a network, how to use search, communicate interesting content, and establish a communications strategy to gain potential clients and strategic alliances.

Amanda started her career with the Finance Department of Ford Europe having completed a BA in Accountancy and an MSc in Management Science at Imperial College, London. She then spent 11 years in the City working for Barings and Phillips & Drew Fund Management as an Investment Manager. Subsequently, she set up her own independent consultancy advising investment companies on the application of new technology.

Her career in the City as an investment manager has given Amanda a broad experience of analysing a range of public companies in several sectors. Running a small business herself means she relates to the diverse problems faced by owner-managed and small businesses.

The Alterra Consulting services include: social media strategy, management and training, website design, development, SEO and email marketing.

So book today.

13th January 2014 - The GDBC Business Clinic

Laurie Bernard

The GDBC Business Clinic

Laurie Bernard

What are your hot business issues for 2014? Care to share? The members of the Grim’s Dyke Business Club are experts in their field. Now you can tap into their professional expertise for free. Do have a question or issue? It’s your opportunity to ask the expert and demonstrate your abilities at the GDC Business Clinic.

It could be the solution to:

  • How do I get more productivity from staff?
  • Where’s my marketing going wrong?
  • Converting enquiries into sales?
  • Building referrals from networking and strategic alliances?
  • What’s my legal position?
  • Can I claim that against my taxes?
  • What makes a photograph that sells?
  • Where’s a great place for a business meeting/event?
  • Should my car be doing that?
  • How to secure the right funding?

This evening will be chaired by Laurie Bernard from The Business Services Partnership. He has been

  • advising businesses for 20 years + on their plans, strategies and marketing
  • accredited government business mentor and consultant
  • founding member of the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs
  • a member of the Barclays Bank of Marketing Experts

Can you afford to miss this event?

  • one slip can cost you thousands
  • one tip can make or save you thousands...

So book today.

16th December 2013 - Tour of Grim's Dyke Hotel

Hotel Tour with Edward Graham

Edward Graham has been a friend of Grim's Dyke Hotel since he was boy.

He grew up in the house next to Grim's Dyke Golf Club and would walk through the golf course and woods and onto the hotel land often.

Edward thought that the house looked mysterious, and as a child didn't know it was a hotel, just a spooky house in the mist.

After a stint of work experience at the Harrow Hotel when he was 15 he discovered hotel life was a perfect fit. Whilst attending a Hotel Management Course at Cassio he worked as a Chef and Waiter at Grim's Dyke working on the weekends and through the summer holidays.

When Edward graduated Catering College, he began an exciting career at The Dorchester Hotel on Park Lane. His enthusiasm lead him to the US and he established himself in the restaurant business. He moved back to England 10 years later and in 2006 joined the Grim's Dyke Hotel Management team. His interest in the hotel history is obvious when he speaks of the former owners and how they all used the house in different ways.

Edward's passion for a good story makes his tours lots of fun. Edward has been talking about the Grim's Dyke for 20 years - it is his favourite thing to do.

25th November 2013 - Getting the most out of Twitter for your business

Maz Lopez

Getting the most out of Twitter for your business with Maz Lopez

Maz Lopez from Maz Lopez Productions has been working in Social Media for 8 years - this means that she's seen Social Media channels gain and then lose popularity (remember MySpace?).

As a Social Media Marketing Manager she creates bespoke digital marketing strategies to local businesses and entrepreneurs - with a focus on SME's - that harness the power of social media channels such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

An important part of any digital marketing strategy, particularly when the client is keen to implement some of the work themselves, is education.

"I believe in the sharing of information, just as I have been trained and learned my way around Social Media, I believe that with a little guidance, businesses have the power to manage parts of their own Social Media and start to see real results."

49% of monthly Twitter users follow brands or companies with 37% of Twitter users purchasing from a brand they follow. Learn the do's and don'ts of Twitter Etiquette when it comes to promoting your business through this popular social media, including how off-line promotion can help, the best Twitter management software plus, what are all those hash tags about? This course is tailored to practical guidance that you as an SME can implement.

7th October 2013 - How to become more effective with your Time Management

Jenny Lamski

How to become more effective with your Time Management

Jenny Lamski of JRL Coaching

Jenny Lamski at JRL specialises in1-2-1 coaching and mentoring. Through her charismatic and warm personality, her coaching expertise and broad business experience encompassing, sales, purchasing and management, she supports her clients in both business and personal developmental goals, attaining focus, direction and greater success. Her aim is to help Companies increase personal and bottom line performance, resulting in greater profitability and enhanced fulfilment. All who work with Jenny enjoy the process, as she inspires confidence in her clients to effect change and growth. She always goes the extra mile!

If you are open minded, ambitious and want to move forward with your own personal business performance, come along to an evening in which you will leave with some practical tips that can be implemented immediately into the workplace, resulting in immediate gain, starting to transform your performance from good to great.

13th September 2013 - The benefits of having videos on your website by Sales Vid

13th August 2013 - Social

9th July 2013 - How to reduce back pain, poor posture and manage…

Giselle Malawer

How to reduce back pain, poor posture and manage your stress in the 21st century

Giselle Malawer owner of Back in Balance

Giselle will provide you with a very interactive presentation, sharing with us some effective, practical tools and tips to help us change bad habits of tension, stiff neck, rounded shoulders etc, that we have held onto for a long time.

Through demonstrating how the Alexander Technique can change our habits of a lifetime, and restore what we naturally had as children, you can start to have a healthier body!

Giselle has worked with companies such as M&S and Harrods with great success, and we are very lucky to have someone with over15 years of experience to come and help us all. This session will be very interactive, and useful to everyone.. 

You too can transform the way you look, feel, and move and perform in everyday activities.

We look forward to seeing you at this event to enjoy this learn and network with likeminded business professionals.

13th June 2013 - What makes Nyman Libson Paul Accountants different by Isabella Segal

13th May 2013 - How to sell yourself without selling by Alex and Dexter Moscow form Audience Dynamics

13th April 2013 - Does social media work in your business? By Shilpa Panchmatia of ZinRii Digital

13th March 2013 - Stress, who is boss by Carole Spiers of the Carole Spiers Group

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"The Grim's Dyke Business Club is one of my favourite networking events - I think it's because Jenny Lamski imbues a culture of support through her personality and learning bites which creates a friendly and helpful atmosphere. Along with that, the ambience of the Grim's Dyke Hotel is fabulous with it's beautiful architecture and gardens."
Cindy Scott, Fly Design Ltd